Friday, July 13, 2012

I finished a few cards that I started awhile ago. I made the grey/ brown paper, sewed the petals and button on and glued it onto white card stock. I'm thinking of printing "Thank You" on them and putting them with etsy purchases.

I still have to put a few of these up on etsy, but they're ready. :)

I ordered these from an etsy seller, but they forgot half the order... so that sucked but they said that they'd ship the rest. I had to give them a new shipping address since I wont be living here by the time they'd get here. 

I made cards for my sister, who will be handling the business side of emrickart
AND I got us really cute super cheap card holders from Crate and Barrel -

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Two random things:

I made a book for two friends who are expecting their first baby. It says, "Aiden Charles Norman was born here." and "Mom and Dad met here too!"It should fit pages for a scrap book.

Check out Thor's shadow. It's pretty hilarious. Now I want to do a series of his silhouettes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm working on a website. meh  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Retro Photo Shoot

 I have always really loved vintage photos, and playing dress up. I've also really been wanting to see if I can pull of red lips. So, I played today. These are my favorites.

Friday, June 22, 2012


  I think I'll be putting these up for sale on soon. I don't have anything up at the moment.
 These earrings would be in $15 - $20.

Single crochet using Martha Stewart Crafts Alpaca Blend Yarn size 5.50mm size hook
My lovely friend, Cynthia, gave me 3 colors of this awesome Martha Stewart yarn while I was healing from getting my tonsils taken out. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I finished a hat tonight. I am very proud of it! I'll put up better photos of it later.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm starting new flower beads. These are some of the flowers that I pressed. I'm working on the inpatients now (middle left). They are translucent after being pressed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things I want...

I'm pretty much in the poor house. Fortunately for me, I have friends and family that make me feel far less poor than is actually the case. I love shopping, but most of the time it's window shopping or grocery shopping. My Amazon wishlist is a little crazy. About a year ago, I organized it into several different wishlists. So, I've decided to write about random things from my wishlist that, 
if I had the money, I would buy...

While does have a lot more dresses for a lot less, they also have more expensive ones. I love that the website has a little runway video too. It also has the size of the model as well has height. This is the first website that I saw doing this. I'm seeing more including the model size. It's a little confusing to me now since I lost about 60 ibs. I'm apparently only one size larger than this model. I refuse to believe that. Anyway, I love the style of this dress. It borrows design from the dresses of the 60's. More designers are making 50's and 60's inspired dresses. Which, makes me extremely happy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hydrangea Necklace

I used hydrangeas from my best friend's wedding at the end of June. I pressed these, made copies to make it easier to shape the wood. I put 2 holes in each them and stained them. Then I put the little hydrangeas on them and several coats of polyurethane. Then together they go! All but 2 were used for the necklace.

<-- the 2 extra beads

close up -->

new rings

This was made for the mother of an old friend of mine - Mama Hobson. All she asked for was a white stone. I decided to stain the band very dark for a contrast. This photo was taken before the polyurethane was applied.
Size 8 

I made this ring for my friend Mary. It has a Merlot wine stained band. 
Size 6

I made a ring for me to wear around. I occasionally mention making rings, and I get asked if I have any with me. So, I made myself s ring to wear around. I got a weird idea to pour some stain into the merlot. They don't mix. So, I got an effect that looks a bit like my dog's fur. He's a brindle boxer. :)
Size 8 

This ring was a commissioned piece by a friend of a friend on facebook. She's now a new friend! It's kind of cool making friends by selling what I make.   I had some problems. I made a different wooden "stone" at first, but it was flawed. It's looks a little like cat eye. So, I made a new one, then I had some trouble with the band. I learned that the glue I was using was showing through part of the wood. So, I had the idea to give it zebra stripes. 
Size 8

Saturday, April 21, 2012

 I made a chart for the shells for anyone who wants a shell ring.
Also, My dog is crazy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I've made 3 rings pretty recently. The second one I made awhile ago, but just got around to putting the coat of poly on it. The first has a little piece of a shell from Pensacola. There were tons of little pieces like this on the beach. And the last one was made for someone, but the wood for the green "stone" is flawed. I checked to see if it would be ok or if she'd like a different one. She seems very excited about the new one, but I kept the old one because it kind of looks like a cat eye stone. I think I might be getting an order for a shell stone ring. So, I'm excited about that. :) 

The little dart board photos need a little color editing, but I like the little theme. Greg and I have been talking about getting me a real website. So, that might be in the works if I keep getting requests.
I made pancakes for dinner the other night. It's the second thing I've made in this house... The stove cooks super uneven. But I think it's doing going considering it's probably older than me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I updated
 Check out this classy wall paper in my kitchen. Also the counter tops go nicely with the cabinets. Our dishwasher gets stuck on a setting and ran all last night. I woke up and freaked out a little. At least its sort of working as opposed to not working like it was when we first moved in here.
This is the current state of my craft room. It is the most unpacked room in the house. I think I'm avoiding it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

 I had this 4 strand one in pieces in a ziplock for a while now. It's all together now. I might sell it, if no one I know has interest in it. It is not real at all, but it still looks pretty classy.
This is the other necklace my dad gave me. I've started wearing it a lot. This is also not a real pearl necklace.

So, a while ago, when my dad worked for Bellsouth, he got this box of flatware as an anniversary gift from the company. I don't think they are silver, but if they are, we're probably selling them. I'm looking up info now.

Community Oneda
My dad gave me 2 necklaces from some he has for sale at his store. I restrung them. I think this might be made of milk glass beads.