Thursday, June 14, 2012

new rings

This was made for the mother of an old friend of mine - Mama Hobson. All she asked for was a white stone. I decided to stain the band very dark for a contrast. This photo was taken before the polyurethane was applied.
Size 8 

I made this ring for my friend Mary. It has a Merlot wine stained band. 
Size 6

I made a ring for me to wear around. I occasionally mention making rings, and I get asked if I have any with me. So, I made myself s ring to wear around. I got a weird idea to pour some stain into the merlot. They don't mix. So, I got an effect that looks a bit like my dog's fur. He's a brindle boxer. :)
Size 8 

This ring was a commissioned piece by a friend of a friend on facebook. She's now a new friend! It's kind of cool making friends by selling what I make.   I had some problems. I made a different wooden "stone" at first, but it was flawed. It's looks a little like cat eye. So, I made a new one, then I had some trouble with the band. I learned that the glue I was using was showing through part of the wood. So, I had the idea to give it zebra stripes. 
Size 8

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