Friday, April 20, 2012

I've made 3 rings pretty recently. The second one I made awhile ago, but just got around to putting the coat of poly on it. The first has a little piece of a shell from Pensacola. There were tons of little pieces like this on the beach. And the last one was made for someone, but the wood for the green "stone" is flawed. I checked to see if it would be ok or if she'd like a different one. She seems very excited about the new one, but I kept the old one because it kind of looks like a cat eye stone. I think I might be getting an order for a shell stone ring. So, I'm excited about that. :) 

The little dart board photos need a little color editing, but I like the little theme. Greg and I have been talking about getting me a real website. So, that might be in the works if I keep getting requests.

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